Thanks to the particular treatment, the objects made by TABERNA ARTIS seem to be really old,  even to be restored.
The artists are used to manage ancient techniques always by hand, using natural pigment colors - dusts, powders, gold-leaf, agata stone - and other "secret" elements, always natural, to give the final and unique touch to the objects.

From private houses to hotel, from wooden frames to gift objects, the TABERNA ARTIS produces:
- furniture for bathroom, bedroom, kitchen, living room - relais Il Falconiere, Badia di Pomaio, e Torre Santa Flora;
- doors, shutters for windows and boiseries;
- frames and signs for any kind of shop - restaurant L'Incanto and relais La Corte dei Papi;
- portrays, still life and landscapes in '600 and '700 style;
- holy pictures e various objects, above all in renaissance style.

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